Unique Anti-cellulite complexes

The most distinguished Letique products are the anti-cellulite complexes, consisting of body scrubs and body wraps. Filled with the natural oils and extracts and combined with the active ingredients, they stimulate metabolic processes under the skin as well as nourish it. 

The mission of Letique cosmetics is to improve your skin health and quality, reduce cellulite appearance and leave the skin revitalised. Regular body wrap procedures will change the way your body looks, making you feel more confident and beautiful.

Besides anti-cellulite complexes, Letique has to offer many more luxury body care as well as face and hair products. 

Effective natural anti-cellulite, facial and hair cosmetics

Letique combines the most advanced beauty technologies with the specific natural ingredients to create the best in class cosmetics

Letique Story

It's all about making dreams come true...

Letique is a dynamic company whose goal is to create products of the highest quality at a fair price. One of the project founders is the famous blogger Lera Chekalina @ler_chek, who, for a long time, dreamed of creating the perfect cosmetics, which she could use on herself and which would be incredibly effective and pleasant to use, as well as available to most girls.

With the support of a team of professional beauticians, we managed to bring her dreams to life, and we are proud to present our products to you. In our body care products, we combine proven classic recipes with innovative developments. In the composition of our body wraps and scrubs, we use ingredients of the highest quality.

Our products meet all the requirements of quality and provide effective care for the skin. These are absolutely the cosmetics that every girl wants to use: affordable, of high quality, safe and efficient. We create and offer you the products we are confident and proud of. Because we offer you only the best.

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Morning routines ☀️

❓How to build in small body care habits into your daily routines?

💡Associate it with existing rituals, like brushing teeth in the morning or evening.

☝️Add 2-3 minutes of dry massage brushing a day to stimulate lymphatic drainage processes under your skin. Easy, isn’t it? 

👌The key is to make it just a habit - not an extra effort. 

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☀️ Savner du tropisk sol og frugt som jeg gør? ☀️

Jeg gætter ja!  Og her er den nærende “smoothie” til din hud.🥭

 Intens foryngelse og dyb hydrering 💦

Mango-papaya kropssmør hjælper med at genskabe hudens elasticitet, nærer dybt og lugter også lækkert!

🥭 Mango ekstrakt, 🍈 Papaya ekstrakt, 🌰 Mandelolie, 🥑 Avocadoolie er så godt for din hud!

Unik formel, der er rig, men smelter på huden og absorberes hurtigt uden fedtet følelse

Jeg lover, at du vil blive forelsket en gang for evigt 💖💖💖


☀️Do you miss tropical sun and fruits they way I do? ☀️

I bet yes! And here is the nourishing “smoothie” for your skin.🥭

Intense rejuvenation and deep hydration 💦 

Mango-papaya body butter helps to restore skin elasticity, nourishes deeply and also smells delicious!

🥭Mango extract, 🍈Papaya extract, 🌰Almond oil, 🥑Avocado oil are so good for your skin!

Unique formula that is rich but melts on the skin and absorbs quickly without any greasy feeling

I promise you will fall in love once and forever 💖💖💖

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Among the variety of face creams, body products are often forgotten.  But the skin of the body also needs full care! 🥰
Hard water, temperature extremes, stress, unhealthy diet, sudden weight changes: all these and many other factors affect it. 🥺
I used to neglect body creams myself 🙄, but now with the pregnancy this body butter is a must-do to prevent stretch marks and support my skin.

Mango-Papaya cream-butter provides enhanced moisturizing effect, in comparison with the usual cream, restores even the driest skin, and retains the skin softness for full 24 hours.

Personally, this product will be always a part of my routine body care 💕

🥭Just look at the composition:
almond oil, olive oil, walnut oil, avocado oil, mango extract, papaya extract, allantoin.

💖The best from the nature with love and care to your body 💖

#bodycare #kropspleje #bodybutter #moisturizer #loveyourbody #skincare #hudpleje
Letique er de produkter, jeg sikkert kan rådgive til mine venner, fordi jeg bruger dem selv hver dag og virkelig nyder kvaliteten 💕

***** in English below******

 Hvad jeg bruger lige nu til kropspleje:

🌟Tør massagebørste - en del af min daglige rutine sammen med børstning af tænder - få minutter, og du har gjort noget godt for din krop

🌟Massagekropsolie med grapefrugt, ingefær og chili - et af de første produkter, jeg åbnede, og det holder i lang tid!
Jeg anvender det efter børstning eller efter brusebad.

🌟 Kelp mynte kold body wrap - det er vigtigt for mig at forsætte hudpleje under graviditeten for at holde den tonet. Jeg ser forskellen umiddelbart efter brug.

🌟 Body scrub Frangipani-monoi er den der er åben lige nu, men jeg elsker dem alle 💖

🌟Body butter mango-papaya - Jeg beklager, at jeg ikke har åbnet det før - det er en gave for min voksende mave🤰jeg tror, effekten virker 24 timer.  Ingen tung fedtet følelse - ren blødhed 💕

Letique are the products I can safely advise to my friends, because I am using them myself everyday and really enjoy the quality 💕

What I have in use right now for body care:

🌟Dry massage brush - part of my daily routine along with brushing the teeth - few minutes and you have done something good for your body

🌟Massage body oil with grapefruit, ginger and chili - one of the first products I opened and it is lasting for looong!
I apply it after brushing or after shower.

🌟 Kelp mint cold body wrap - I continue taking care of my skin during pregnancy to keep it toned. I see the difference immediately after use.

🌟 Body scrub Frangipani-monoi is the one open right now, but I love them all 💖

🌟 Body butter mango-papaya - I regret I haven’t opened it before - this is the blessing for my growing belly 🤰- the effect lasts for 24 hours it seems. No heavy greasy feeling - pure softness 💕
Håbet du havde en dejlig påskeferie ☀️

Vi besluttede at gå så langt vi kunne under de nuværende begrænsninger 🙄

5 dage i Jylland og super heldig med vejret ☀️
#jylland #jyllandferie #påskeferie 

Vi var så glade for at møde mange af vores gode venner! 🤗

En fantastisk dag i Legoland 🎢🎡🎠#lego #legoland #legolandbillund 

Intet arbejde, ingen computer 🤓

Til sidst, fantastisk brunch og meget inspirerende besøg på #plutonybyggeri 🏠

Fuld af energi til de næste to intensive måneder før min barselsorlov i juni ☺️
Sikke en dejlig påskeaften med søde venner 😍💕🤗

Altid glad for at fortælle om Letique-produkterne til flere nye mennesker og tilbyde det bedste jeg har ☺️

Også til ferie rejser jeg altid med min letique-boks 💝

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Why Letique Body butters are different?


It feels more like a whipped cream than a butter. But it’s still very rich and buttery. It melts on your skin, absorbs quickly without being greasy.


We enriched our body butters with powerful natural ingredients:
🥑Avocado oil
🌰Almond oil
💥Jojoba oil
🥭Mango extract
🍈Papaya extract
🌿Jasmine extract
Vitamins and minerals

So the butters are super hydrating, nourishing, rejuvenating and protect your skin from dryness for 24 hours


We made our butters with amazing natural oils and extracts that smell sooo delicious!! It’s just impossible to stop using them.

🛍Order online on www.letique.dk.
Combine with body scrub or anti-cellulite set 💕
✨Exfoliation secrets

All bodies need regular exfoliation to maintain healthy glow ✨and to keep the skin looking as young as possible 🌸

With proper exfoliation, you are
🌿 removing dead skin cells
🌿 allowing your pores to breathe
🌿 preventing wrinkles, acne, ingrown hairs 

The secret to exfoliation is knowing when to do it and what product to use

✅Exfoliate 2-3 times per week

Your skin has natural protective barrier and if you exfoliate too often it could irritate the skin and leave it unprotected

✅Use scrubs that are gentle yet effective

If the scrub is too harsh it could cause irritation and dryness. The best scrubs has oils, extracts and vitamins to sooth and nourish your skin immediately

✅Use dry massage brush

Besides removing dead skin cells, dry massage brush helps to boost skin metabolism, activate lymph flow, fight cellulite and tone your skin

😍Letique body scrubs are made from high-quality natural ingredients. Its safe to use, nourishing and moisturizing and smell so good!

🍒 cherry
🍋 lime-ginger 
🍫 chocolate-almond
🌸 frangipani-monoi

🛍Choose your favorite and order it online on www.letique.dk
or DM on Instagram

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Letique is much more than anti-cellulite treatment, it is about body care and loving your body 😍

Today I feel like making a special offer 🧚‍♂️

For 5 days - 15% discount for any body scrub and body butter 😍 

375 DKK instead of 440 for two products: scrub and butter 😉 all you need for a perfect skin 🧚‍♂️

They are all amazing and you will totally fall in love - I promise 🥰

🥭 mango-papaya body butter
🍓 strawberry-jasmine body butter

🍋 lime-ginger body scrub
🍒 cherry body scrub
🌸 frangipani-monoi body scrub
🍫 chocolate-almond body scrub

➡️ Visit www.letique.dk, go to the SHOP, select body care products and pick up any scrub and body butter.

At the checkout redeem ✨BODYCARE ✨coupon 

With LOVE 💕 LetiqueDK 💕


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